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Tag: The Most Expensive


How would you feel inside a Kelly by Hermès handbag?

Those lucky enough to own a Kelly by Hermès handbag know perfectly how perfect and exquisite it is. The mythical purse is handcrafted with the most meticulous care and using the best quality leather. But, how would it feel to literally submerge yourself inside one of these purses? Read more

$26.7 million for a 102k Diamond at Auction

Famed jeweler Harry Winston has just recently purchased a flawless 101.73 pear-shaped diamond at a record breaking price of $26.7 U.S. Dollars, at an auction in Geneva. Read more

$39.32 Million Dollars for Pink Diamond

A rare, pink, 34.65 carat diamond was recently auctioned at Christie’s at $39.32 million U.S. Dollars, making the most expensive diamond auction made by the iconic auction house. Read more

$91,500 for a Hermès T-shirt made entirely of Crocodile Skin

French luxury goods firm Hermès just unveiled a piece of clothing perfect for the closet of the fashionistas and über rich that will make animal right advocates rage: a $91,500 t-shirt made from skin of Nile crocodiles. Read more

Vera Wang Store in China will charge a Trial Fee of $500

The designer of some of the most expensive wedding dresses in the world will now have her store in Shanghai charge a trial fee of $500 U.S. Dollars just for coming in the store and trying on some of her designs. Read more

Maison De Roval’s Cuvées Spéciales

The Cuvées Spéciales is an exquisite production from the Maison De Roval that seeks to faithfully follow French tradition, with this luxurious champagne, which comes in a stunning black bottle adorned with diamonds and gold. Read more

Hermès Black Cocodrile Birkin Bag Auctioned for $122,500

The Birkin bag is one of the most expensive and coveted handbags in the world, with a long waiting list of prospective owners waiting to be able to get their hands on one as it is considered to be a sign of wealth. Read more

World's Most Expensive Purses

Women can never get enough shoes... or purses! Find out which are the world's most expensive handbags and how much are they worth exactly. Read more

Most Expensive 2012 Christmas Dinner

If you are looking for a very exclusive (and expensive) way to celebrate this year's Christmas dinner with three of your closest friends or family members, look no further. Read more

The Duc d'Orléans Breguet Sympathique, World's Most Expensive Clock

Recently sold for the astounding amount of $6.8 million U.S. Dollars, the Duc d'Orléans Breguet Sympathique is now the world’s most expensive clock. Read more