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How would you feel inside a Kelly by Hermès handbag?

Those lucky enough to own a Kelly by Hermès handbag know perfectly how perfect and exquisite it is. The mythical purse is handcrafted with the most meticulous care and using the best quality leather. But, how would it feel to literally submerge yourself inside one of these purses? Read more

Geoffrey Parker's Silver Jubilee Edition Chessboard at $77,880

Geoffrey Parker, a British manufacturer of luxury games, created one of the world's most expensive chess sets, the Silver Jubilee Edition Chessboard, approved by the United States Chess Federation. Read more

Louis Vuitton Petanque Set

Pétanque is a popular sport in the South of France, and that’s why the exclusive fashion and malletier house created a limited edition set of Pétanque boules. It was created back in 2009 to honor the 100th anniversary of the sport, but it is such an exclusive item, it is still very coveted three years later. Read more

The Most Expensive Barbie Dolls

The most famous doll is no stranger to fashion and luxury, and has been dressed by some of the most famous fashion and jewelery designers for her pleasure. Here is a list of the 8 most expensive Barbie dolls: Read more

The Kisai Online: time in vertical lines

Tokioflash Japan unleashes its newest fun and quirky gadget: a timepiece that is so special, it tells time in lines that are placed in vertical position. Read more
July 17, 2012 Posted by Lorena in Other, Toys

Red5’s Spy Hawk

The Spy Hawk is a remote control glider that is not only a fun toy, but an espionage gadget. Very 007. Read more
July 9, 2012 Posted by Lorena in Toys

“Designed To Win”, a Special Shoe for Athletes

Luc Fusaro, a graduate student of the Royal College of Art in London created a shoe that can increase the efficiency of a runner up to 3.5 percent. Read more

The Döttling Liberty Barcelona Safe

Inspired by the iconic Barcelona Chair, the new Liberty Barcelona Safe created by Döttling as a luxurious secure space for your most prized belongings. Read more

Some luxury toys you may want to buy for your kids

Just like adults like the finest things money can buy, children also love to own luxury things, especially toys. And here we’ve showcased three luxury toy cars you may consider purchasing for your kids. Some of the most impressive ones we came across are NPL Mercedes Benz G55 12v Truck, Red Enzo Ferrari 12v and Deep Blue Mercedes SL. Read more