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Tag: Luxury Jewelry


Rosa Oriol de Tous Presents Her Newest Fragrance Named After Her, Rosa Tous

Rosa Tous is the Spanish brand’s newest fragrance, inspired by and named after Rosa Oriol de Tous, main creative mind behind the brand. Read more

$26.7 million for a 102k Diamond at Auction

Famed jeweler Harry Winston has just recently purchased a flawless 101.73 pear-shaped diamond at a record breaking price of $26.7 U.S. Dollars, at an auction in Geneva. Read more

$39.32 Million Dollars for Pink Diamond

A rare, pink, 34.65 carat diamond was recently auctioned at Christie’s at $39.32 million U.S. Dollars, making the most expensive diamond auction made by the iconic auction house. Read more

Louis Vuitton LockIt Collection

The French House has launched Lockit, their fine jewelry, 15-piece collection inspired on the maison’s traditional padlocks, also seen recently on  Louis Vuitton’s Fall 2011 runway. Read more

World's Most Expensive Purses

Women can never get enough shoes... or purses! Find out which are the world's most expensive handbags and how much are they worth exactly. Read more

Fine Cigars and Luxury Timepieces - King Power Arturo Fuente

Hublot has joined forces with the Arturo Fuente cigar company to create a timepiece that ties both luxurious articles, the new King Power Arturo Fuente edition. Read more

The Most Expensive iPad Mini Case is worth $700,000

Apple's newest delivery comes in the small shape of a miniature tablet, the new iPad Mini. The iPad experience in half the size was completely sold out a little bit after its pre-orders strted on October 26th, and that is why The Natural Sapphire Company came out with an exlclusive and luxurious way to protect this coveted piece of technology. Read more

Luxury Decor: Hédoné’s Swarovski Crystal Studded Cushions

Every home needs a touch of luxury and glamour. British design house Hédoné Interiors created beautiful home furnishing jewelry cushions, all hand crafted, with exquisite and brilliant Swarovski crystals, high-fashion fabrics and Italian hardware of the highest quality. A must have piece of décor for all those with expensive taste. Read more

The Most Expensive Diamond Rings in the World

If diamonds are a girl's best friend, then what can we make of this beautiful collection of exquisite diamond rings? From the most rare to the largest number of carats, here is the list of the six most expensive diamond rings in the World. Read more

The World’s Most Expensive Shoe: $500,000 for Diamond Heels

It's no secret women go crazy for shoes and that any girl would love to have a pair of Kathryin Wilson’s design, especially if it’s a gorgeous collaboration with Sarah Hutchings of Orsini Fine Jewellery to create the World’s most expensive shoe. Read more