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The Newest Special Edition: Bulgari Octo Maserati

An amazing collaboration by two of the most important Italian luxury brand, resulting in a timepiece that reflects the characteristics of both brands. Read more
April 17, 2012 Posted by justin in Cars

Maserati is a luxury car brand that has lately made resurgence on the US market

Established in Blologna in 1914 and now headquartered in Modena, Maserati is a renowned Italian manufacturer of sports and racing cars. Today the luxury brand is directly owned by another Italian car maker, Fiat. Read more

Eterniti Motors set to start shipping the exotic Hemera SUV in summer

The Hemera SUV received numerous positive reviews from auto critics when it made its global debut at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show. Eterniti Motors, the British automaker behind the luxury vehicle, said the machine is engineered to compete with heavyweights like Maserati, Bentley, Rolls Royce and Aston Martin. But if Hemera will be able to grab a substantial market share is yet to be seen. Read more

Luxury Car Interiors

We would like to showcase some luxurious interiors of the latest cars. Read more