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Cristiano Ronaldo’s crashed Ferrari 599 GTB up for Bids

For true Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo fans, what other way to be a true fan than purchasing his Ferrari 599 on eBay. Yes, the one that was actually involved in a car accident back in 2009 outside the Manchester Airport. Read more

Ferrari's Cavallino T350 Headphones for $400

When one thinks of "Ferrari", luxurious sportscars is what comes to mind. But then, we must remember that the brand also licenses a broad spectrum of great quality merchandise, and now it presents the first Ferrari headphones, the Cavallino T350. Read more

The Second Most Expensive Vintage Car in The World

The 250 Ferrari GTO is the World's Most Expensive Vintage car, recently sold at $35 million Dollars, but which one seconds it? Read more

Ferrari 250 GTO Becomes the Most Expensive Car at $35 Million

The 250 Ferrari GTO has just been sold in a private transaction for $35 million dollars. This car from 1962 was made for racecar driver Stirling Moss, is now considered the most expensive car in the world. Read more
March 9, 2012 Posted by justin in Cars

The latest Formula One Ferrari unveiled on snow

We’ve become used to associating the Ferrari brand with luxury supercars and Formula One racing circuits. And the arrival of the new F2012 adds to that thrill. It’s the fifty eighth racing car built by the Italian luxury car manufacturer with the sole purpose of partaking in Formula One Championships. As it turns out, the Ferrari F2012 was recently unveiled in a snow-covered Maranello. Read more

Cavallino Classic convention gathers unprecedented number of Ferrari owners and enthusiasts

Since 1978, Cavallino Classic has always been a luxury automotive event dedicated to our enjoyment and celebration of the Ferrari brand. This six-day convention is an extraordinary gathering for Ferrari enthusiasts and owners. It attracts 400 vibrant participants from the U.S. and Europe with their Ferraris in tow. Read more

Luxury Car Interiors

We would like to showcase some luxurious interiors of the latest cars. Read more