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Luxury Trains: El Transcantábrico Gran Lujo

To most people, a passenger trains are a thing of the past. There are much faster and practical ways to get to your turistic destiny, like a plane or car, or even a fast train. But none of these modes of transportation have been able to substitute the charm and romance of traveling in a luxurious vintage car while enjoying the view and some of the most delicious food and wine. The Transcantabrico Gran Lujo (Great Luxury in Spanish) offers such experience to those with a big wallet. Read more

The Danube Express is one of the best first class private trains in Europe for luxury lifestyle

Immediately after its launching, almost every experienced rail traveler knew without an iota of doubt that the new Danube Express private train would make it to the IRT’s list of World’s Top 25 Trains. The luxury train started operations in 2008 with its splendid, deluxe carriages. Read more
April 8, 2012 Posted by justin in Trains

Enter the luxurious world of an Asian giant - the Deccan Odyssey

The Indian-based Deccan Odyssey is one of Asia’s top luxurious trains. The company has recently upgraded the train’s remarkable cars, which were originally built in 2003, with new bedspreads and iconic carpets. With unbeatable amenities, great staff, mouth-watering dishes and superb service, the company’s sole aim is to make sure you enjoy the most luxurious lifestyle while on board the Deccan Odyssey train. Read more

Enjoy Bangkok-Singapore luxury rail trip on board the Eastern & Oriental Express

The famous New Zealand’s Silver Star was acquired in 1991 by the Orient-Express company and was subsequently transported to Southeast Asia. After refurbishing the luxury train, it was renamed the Eastern & Oriental Express (E&O) by the new owner. In September, 1993, the train made its inaugural journey. Read more

Aboard the five-star Royal Canadian Pacific train as a royalty

The Royal Canadian Pacific is a luxury train that evokes some of the most memorable memories in modern history. With a capacity to accommodate only 30 passengers, it provides much desired intimacy, many small salons, open platform observation areas, five-star dining and large compartments with private ensuite toilet, sink and shower. Read more

Get five-star treatment on board the Royal Scotsman

Everyone who has beholden the magnificent Royal Scotsman agrees that it’s among the very best luxury trains in the world. It is not just an average train for every Dick and Harry. Accommodating only 36 passengers, it’s perfect for those who crave for a more intimate setting with five-star dining, gourmet, wine-pairing and of course, superior service. Read more