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Tag: Private Jet


The best-selling Hawker 850XP is second to none in mid-size business jets

When comparing it with other midsize business jets, the standard set by the best-selling Hawker 850XP is unbeatable. Built to push the limits of midsize business jets further, the 850XP enjoys a perfect balance of style, comfort, range and speed, making it one of the most famous midsize private jets. Read more

The sky is your limit with the super-engineered Hawker 400XP jet

The Hawker 400XP is an interesting private jet that flies alone in a business jet-filled sky! It is a light jet especially designed for those who long to embrace polished cabin accommodations and go for aircraft with superior engineering. Read more

Experience the P.180 Avanti II private jet from Piaggio Aero

The P.180 Avanti II is one of the most innovative private jets newly launched by the top Italian manufacturer, Piaggio Aero. The twin-engine aircraft, priced at approximately $7.5 million, has an appearance that is remarkably different from its siblings. Read more

Hawker 4000 is the ultimate private jet that enables you to respond promptly to out-of-town business meetings

In the business world, each new day brings with it new opportunities. And regardless of where you are or what you do, nothing remains the same. Leadership in business belongs to clever individuals who grasp new ideas, forge new alliances with seasoned marketers and step out to do their jobs differently. Read more

Global private jet travels are predicted to skyrocket in 2012

A well-known editor with The Economist magazine has predicted that private jet travel will soar in 2012 and give a much-deserved push to the travel industry. John Andrews told the audience at the 10th Annual International Luxury Travel Mart that the recent events (Eurozone woes, the Arab Spring and the US economic problems) will resultantly impact affluent travel. Read more

David Lowy of Renshaw Travel launches a new private jet service

If you want to have success in selling luxury travel, you've got to know exactly what you want to achieve and the way to make it happen. Not to be forgotten is that you've got to have passion for the field. That's why the Vancouver-based travel advisor, David Lowy of Renshaw Travel, considers it both as a business model and a way of life. Read more