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Tag: Luxury Yacht


The Expose, A New Class in Super Yachts

The Expose is a super yatch designed by Impossible Productions Ink and Icon Yachts, that will boast unique and modern interiors and a luxurious styling.
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Yachting is increasingly becoming Shanghai's next luxury trend

An axion says that wealth goes hand-in-hand with luxurious lifestyle! And that is especially true with an evolving trend in China’s cosmopolitan capital, Shanghai. Its fine dining restaurants and sky-scraping hotels scream luxury. And so does Shanghai’s craze for yachting! Read more

Nobiskrug is among the world’s top designers and manufacturers of custom motor yachts

Nobiskrug is a German designer and manufacturer of customized luxury yachts. The company is notable for embodying the true German spirit of genuine craftsmanship and manufacture of durable, custom-made masterpieces from 60 meters to 200 meters in length. Read more

Alloy Yachts builds the world’s best sailing yachts

Alloy Yachts is a New Zealand-based ship-building company that designs and builds sailing yachts. It has distinguished itself in the industry with ingenuity in manufacturing the very best sailing yachts in the world. Read more

Costa Concordia sinking blamed on significant human error

The captain of the Italian cruise ship that partially capsized off Isola del Giglio, Italy on 13th January, 2012 has been blamed for the accident. He has since been detained on the mainland, while investigators are working to ascertain what exactly caused the accident. Read more

Luxury MIG 675 is a yacht that grabs energy from the water beneath it

The hydrogen-powered Luxury MIG 675 is a boat-like yacht that harvests energy straight from the water it flows on. The high-end 22-foot long cruiser with 3 seats has the capability to zip across waves at 112 km/h. This speed demon with zero emission has a high price tag of $329,727, which shows it’s specifically meant for the ultra-rich. Read more

Behold Lurssen’s new luxury yacht: the Arkley

Lurssen is a household name when it comes to building luxury yachts, and its introduction of the new Arkley, the company flaunts a “king of the sea” that stretches out over 197 feet. Without sacrificing the traditional elegant lines the company is known for, the yacht features a youthful feeling and a feel of elegance designed to specifically meet the owners’ requirements. Read more