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Tag: Gaming


Geoffrey Parker's Silver Jubilee Edition Chessboard at $77,880

Geoffrey Parker, a British manufacturer of luxury games, created one of the world's most expensive chess sets, the Silver Jubilee Edition Chessboard, approved by the United States Chess Federation. Read more

Bring luxury along with you, even when your game moves outdoors

Geoffrey Parker is a notable garden game designer that makes it possible for us avid gamers to take luxury along when the game takes us outdoors. Whether your favorite pastime is croquet, boule or skittles, you can now play with class! But such luxury would make you poorer by $3,115.00. Read more

Enjoy the ultimate in luxury gaming with Vega Backgammon Set

For a backgammon player that wants to show class, the Vega Backgammon Set brings the old game to the forefront of modern technology. It features embedded LED light display points, doubling cube, dice and scoring with Atari-era aesthetics. Read more

Beaf up your game with Chess Set 4000-FM

Deuce has come up with a redesign of the game of chess with its Chess Set 4000-FM. This new design has radically metamorphosed the chess set into a more polished display of prestige, intellect and strategy. Read more

Hone the edge on your game with Geoffrey Parker’s scalloped chess set

The legendary game craftsman, Geoffrey Parker, has designed a new scalloped chess set that enables gamers like us to hone our skills. This version sports a leather-glided plinth with scalloped positioning. The chessboard itself is inlaid with the customer’s choice of supple watersnake or Dauphin calfskin. Read more